Prior Authorization is Painful and Costly for Patients, Providers, and Payers


Waiting on hold. Faxing. Phone calls. Peer-to-Peer. Prior authorization is the #1 pain point for physicians and a major source of patient dissatisfaction. And that impacts payers, too.

Delays in Care

According to the American Medical Association, prior authorizations delay patient care 92% of the time, translating to costly delays in surgeries, prescriptions, and imaging.

Expensive Overhead

For every doctor, 15 hours/week of staff time are spent faxing, completing, or appealing prior authorizations. Meanwhile, payers spend hundreds of millions every year on manual review and appeals.

Take Control with Verata Health

Imagine a future with full visibility and control over your prior authorizations

Verata Health delivers immediate visibility across your prior authorizations, streamlines manual processes, and provides you an immediate ROI through operational efficiency and captured revenue. Leveraging powerful artificial intelligence, Verata empowers private practices, pharmacies, and health systems to take control of their prior authorizations.

Leverage artificial intelligence to power your utilization management

Verata Health’s powerful artificial intelligence platform synthesizes clinical documentation, medical necessity rules, and provides real-time decision recommendations. Verata delivers immediate value through automation of prior authorizations, insights into appeals and denials, and operational efficiency.

Created by a World-Class Team

Verata Health was founded by a physician-led team passionate to solve the burden of prior authorizations. Each of us have first-hand experience with the frustration of prior authorizations–as patients, as physicians, and as health system executives.

We believe it’s time to obsolete the fax machine.

Verata brings together the brightest minds in AI with seasoned health care leaders, including alumni of Harvard, MIT, Duke, and Mayo Clinic. Our team has led billion-dollar healthcare businesses, patented AI technology (acquired by Google, Microsoft and Apple) and implemented over 1500 hospital IT integrations. Together, we’re changing the face of prior authorizations.




How are you solving your prior authorization problem?

Retake control with Verata Health.

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